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Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office


Getting Started

Installation and Use


Getting Started


What is Zoho Plug-in?


"Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Office" enables end-users to work offline on their documents and spreadsheets with Microsoft Word/Excel and have these changes reflected directly in their Zoho account (Writer/Sheet) - online. The plugin sort of bridges the gap between online and offline office productivity.

Which are the Zoho Services available with this Plugin?

The list of Zoho Services made available with Zoho Plugin are :

What all I can do with Zoho Plugin?

The new plugin enables users to :

How do I publish my offline documents using Zoho Plugin?New!

For users who wanted to publish their documents/spreadsheets, residing in their local drive & offline, to the external world can do so now using the new version of Zoho Plugin. All files published in Zoho Share will be licensed under the specified Creative Commons license.

Users opening a document or spreadsheet in Word/Excel will notice a new option - "Publish in Zoho Share" in the drop-down menu when they click on Add-Ins followed by Zoho Writer or Zoho Sheet tab . Here's how publish in zoho share works :

Please refer to the slideshow done in Zoho Show that gives a pictorial description of how to publish a local document in Zoho Share.

Installation and Use


How do I install Zoho Plugin?


Users can download the Zoho plug-in here. As with all other windows application, the file name 'zohoplugin.exe' will be saved to your preferred location on your local machine. Installation is pretty simple, please remember to close all your Microsoft Office applications before you install this plug-in. After the initial check is over, double click on the 'zohoplugin.exe' file to begin the installation process. A picture they say is worth a thousand words and with all of them arranged in a slide show using Zoho Show is certainly worth a million.


Launch as slide show


How do I use Zoho Plugin with Microsoft Office?

Once the installation process is over, the Zoho Buttons will show up within the Add-Ins tab on the Office (Microsoft Office 2007) toolbar. It is mandatory to have a Zoho account to make use of the plug-in. Currently you can sign in to any of the Zoho services - Sheet (http://sheet.zoho.com) or Writer (http://writer.zoho.com) and start using the plug-in rightaway. There is also an option to create a new Zoho account from the Zoho Plugin credentials page. Click on the “New Zoho User? Sign Up” link to set up an account with us. This is for the users who have downloaded the plugin but are yet to sign up for Zoho Services. Another slide show made on Zoho Show explains how to use the plug-in once it is installed successfully. Please refer to the slide show below :

Launch as slide show

In addition to all this the new version of Zoho Plugin also comes with some nice features. Please find the details below:

1. Option to keep a local copy

This is a nice little feature wherein users can keep a local copy of the existing document/workbook that is available in Zoho Writer & Sheet. To achieve this, users just need to enable the check box “Keep a local copy” when they are logging in to access their documents from within Microsoft Word/Excel.

2. Added a new tab - Local Documents

Now that the users can have a copy of the online document/workbook in their local drive, there is a new tab “Local Documents” added to the “Add-Ins” option in Word/Excel. Users can access the local copy by clicking on this particular tab. Locally downloaded documents/spreadsheets are password protected now. Users are asked to provide Zoho account password when opening a local copy of the document/spreadsheet. The enhanced security is to prevent unauthorised access.

Users also have the option to delete the local copy. Click on local documents tab from Add-Ins, select the document & choose delete button to perform the above operation.

3. Offline editing of documents/workbooks

User can now edit their documents/workbooks offline using the local copy and can sync up the updated offline version with the online version of the document/workbook in Zoho Writer/Sheet by connecting to the internet, signing in to their Zoho account from the Add-ins tabs in Word/Excel and then choosing the option “Save in Zoho Writer/Sheet”.

4. Multi-user Support

Our earlier version of Office Plugin did not allow the guest user of Windows to access the documents/workbooks. Now guest users (as opposed to only allowing users with Administrator privileges previously) who have an account with Zoho can access & edit their documents/workbooks in Micorsoft Word/Excel.

For further queries and support regarding the plug-in use, do write to us at support(at)zoho(dot)com.


If you are working on an offline version of the document/sheet in Microsoft Word/Excel and that is the most updated version, you can sync up the updated offline version with the online version of the document in Zoho Writer by connecting to the internet, signing in to your Zoho account from the Add-ins tabs in Word/Excel and then explicitly save the document once by clicking "Save" or "Ctrl+S" from your keyboard. Once you do the above process, both the offline & online version of the document/sheet will be in sync.

** Zoho Plugin is compatible for Microsoft Office version 2000 & above and currently supports English Language versions of Office only. Support for other languages will be provided later.