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 Zoho Writer - Frequently Asked Questions

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Click here for Troubleshooting FAQ and Known Issues of Zoho Writer

Getting Started

Writing, Editing, Organizing & Versioning


Security, Storage Space & Backup

Import, Export

Publishing, Sharing & Collaborating






 Getting Started :

   1. What is Zoho Writer? 

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that allows you to create and share documents online. You need not install any software in your desktop, all you need is just a browser and an internet connection for working with Zoho Writer.


 2.What all can I do with Zoho Writer? 

Zoho Writer is loaded with a rich set of functionalities. You can:


 3. What browsers does Zoho Writer support? 

Zoho Writer supports the following browsers:

Regardless of the browser type, you must enable JavaScript for Zoho Writer to function properly.


Note: Please use Internet Explorer 7 +, Firefox 3.0+,Google Chrome 5+ and Safari 4+ versions for better experience.


 4.How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?


To enable JavaScript in your browser, please follow the instructions mentioned below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer



 5. I can't sign in to Zoho Writer account even after entering details. What am I doing wrong?

If you are not able to sign in to the Zoho Writer account, there could be two possibilities:

Please check if your Caps Lock button (On/Off) in the keyboard before typing in your password. In case you have forgotten your password, try using the "Forgot your password" link available in the login page to reset it.


 6. Browser shows error on page and I am unable to access documents in Zoho Writer. What's wrong?

At times it has been observed that due to some browser cache problem, Zoho Writer scripts do not load fully and hence the documents are not displayed. To get around this problem, please clear your browser cache, reload it and then try accessing Zoho Writer with your Zoho account credentials.

One other reason could be some firewall setting either on your PC or on your proxy that can cause this problem. Please try logging into to Zoho Writer from a different PC as an initial check to ensure that it is not a system specific problem. You can also try disabling the firewall settings and try logging in to Zoho Writer. In case the issue still persists, kindly send us the screenshot of the browser error to for further analysis.


7. How do I change the UI Language of Zoho Writer?

You can change the language settings by doing the following steps:

Then move to Zoho Writer( and you will get the localized version.


   Writing, Editing, Organizing & Versioning

 1. What kinds of documents can I make in Zoho Writer?

Zoho Writer offers its users lots of flexiliblity in creating documents. Some of the ways that you can use to make documents are mentioned below:

Please Note: Importing of PDF format is not supported in zohowriter.


 2.When opening a document, I get a blank page with "Loading" message, but the document never loads. What should I do?

If you are unable to open documents in Zoho Writer, the possible reasons could be:

Note: Try reloading the document again using a combination of "Shift+Refresh" keys after a few minutes. If the problem still persists mail your concern to



 3.How do I organize my documents in folders?

Zoho Writer uses the concept of tags as folders for organizing your documents. Tags are keywords, terms or categories you create that allows you to organize multiple documents by project names, date, subjects, business or anything else you can imagine. Moreover, you can label a single document with multiple tags that helps in cross-referencing of documents.

Documents which are grouped under the same tag name and added as folder, can be accessed from the left-side panel under 'Tag Folders'.Tags can be created using 'Tags' icon located at the right side bottom of writer window.


 4.How do I create Tag for documents?

In order to create tag for document, open the document which has to be tagged and Click on 'Tags' icon located at the right side bottom of editor window.Tag will be created and can be accessed under 'Tag Folders' in the Left Panel.

For deletion of tag, open the document for which tag to be removed, click on 'Tags' icon as mentioned above. Add Tags window will be opened along with tag name associated with the opened document, remove the tag.  Tag name will be removed from Tag Folders in left panel.

Pls. Note: You cannot create Tag for unsaved document.


 5.How do I save my documents in hard drive from Zoho Writer? 

You can save a document from Zoho Writer to your hard drive by clicking on the "Export" link present at the top & selecting one of the formats you will be prompted to save the document in the specific location of your hard drive.


 6.How do I adjust spacing between lines in my document? 

To adjust line space between the lines , Click on 'Line Spacing' icon located next to 'Border and Shading' icon under 'Format' tab. You can choose among the 4 options - Single,1.2(Normal),1.5 Line & Double to set the line spacing. 

You can also set default line space option as Single,Normal,1.5 Lines & Double in line properties of 'Page Format' window which is  available under 'Page Setup' tab.


 7. Is there any word count feature available in Zoho Writer?

Yes, of course. Zoho Writer provides word as well as character count for document. For finding the word & character count, type any content in Zoho Writer & click 'Save' button. You can see number of characters and words in your document with and without space by clicking on 'Word Count' button under 'Review' tab.You can also view the number of words and characters at the bottom of the window.


 8. How do I sort my documents in Zoho Writer? 

Zoho Writer provides sorting of documents by 'Name', 'Created Date' & 'Modified Time' (both Ascending and Descending). You can do sorting by clicking on the 'Sort by' link, next to the 'My Documents' on the left hand panel, and selecting any of the above three sorting criteria.


 9. Is spell-check feature available in Zoho Writer?

Spell-check feature is very much available in Zoho Writer. You can click on the spell check button (), available under 'Review' Tab to check for misspelled words in the entire document. When spellcheck recognizes a word as misspelled, the word is underlined with red line. You can get suggested words to replace for the same by clicking on those misspelled words or you can opt for 'Ignore' or 'Ignore All' option.

You can also set your desired language as default one using 'Settings' option located above the editor or else you can choose the language at the time of doing spellcheck operation from the list of drop down menu associated with spellcheck option.


 10. How do I print documents from Zoho Writer?

You can print documents from Zoho Writer by clicking on the print button (), next to the save button in the second row of the editor toolbar. The option to check for the number of pages in the document is not available as of now. We will be providing it in one of our future updates.


11. Is there any provision to insert special characters in Zoho Writer?

Yes, absolutely. For inserting special characters inside document click on the Special Characters button(), located next to the 'Page Break' button available  under 'Insert' Tab Toolbar icons. On clicking the button, a pop-up layer will appear with a set of special characters. You can view the description on each of these special character by placing a cursor over it. Click any of them to insert into your document.


 12. How does document versioning work in Zoho Writer?

Whenever a user creates a new document an initial version 1.0 is earmarked to the document. In order to make a new version of the document you must explicitly save it with the Save button or ctrl-s. For example if my current version is 1.2 & in the meantime I have added some new content to the document, the moment I click on the save button my version becomes 1.3.

Zoho Writer periodically does auto-save of your document to prevent data loss.This will increase the version number of document. When user choose the option 'Do not Increment versions in Auto Save' under 'Settings' tab which is located at the top of the window, Version number of the document will not be incremented during Auto save.


 13. How do I revert to previous version of my document in Zoho Writer?

Please open the relevant document and Click on 'Review' button -----'History' option under which you can see list of document versions with 'Delete' and 'View' options. Now do click on the 'View' option to see the version content and click on 'Revert' button located above the document content to revert the same as latest version.

There is also a feature to view the diff between various versions. Select any two versions for which you wish to see the difference & click on "Show Diff" button. The changes will be highlighted in a different colour thus enabling the user to view the updates done from the previous version.


 14.    How do I change line spacing ?

Line Spacing can be changed for specific paragraph using Quick Format(Format/Right Click--- Quick Format ) and for whole document using Page Format (Page Setup --- Page Format ).                                                                                                                  


 15. Is there any option available in zoho writer to sort contents?

You can sort a table, a numbered/bulleted list or a set of paragraphs in Zoho Writer.Sorting can be done for text such as a list of names, dates, numbers, currencies etc.In order to apply sorting, create list or go to table contents and do right click to access 'Sort' option from contextual menu.


 16. Does Zoho Writer have any option to include Smart Quotes inside document?

 Yes, it has. Now Smart Quotes can be included inside your document content using 'Quotes' option available under 'Format' tab.           


 17. ​Does Zoho Writer have Change case conversion option?

Yes.Change case feature available in zoho writer as toolbar icon located next to 'Quotes' icon  under 'Format' tab. You can do case conversion for selection of texts to Lowercase,Uppercase,Capitalize and Normal as of now. 


18. How to merge table cells in Zoho Writer?

You can combine two or more columns or rows into a single cell.

1. Place cursor at the appropriate table column.

2. Do right click to access option 'Table Operations'--- Merge cells

3. You will be asked to enter no. of columns and rows to be merged, enter values as per your need and click on 'ok' button.

4. Table cells will be merged.

19. How do I get Single spacing in my document content which always shows as double?

In order to the change the double spacing, please go to 'Page Setup' ------ 'Page Format' window in which you are supposed to set the point as '0' (Zero) for the properties "Space Before Paragraph" and "Space After Paragraph".Then enable the check box "Make it default for all New documents" to retain the settings for all new documents.


20.How do I change the ruler from inches to mm ?

In order to change the ruler from inches to mm, please follow the below steps.

1.     Access 'Settings' option available at the top of editor.

2.     Under which you will have option called 'Units' which will have two values 'Inches' and 'mm'.

3.     Select 'mm' and click on save button.

4.     Ruler would be changed from inches to mm.


21.How do I apply table themes to my table?

Just place mouse cursor inside table cell and do right click to access contextual menu option 'Table Themes', you can see many predefined table themes available for your table content. Just do select your desired theme and click on 'Ok' button to change the theme of table.


  Security, Storage Space & Backup

 1. How secure are my documents in Zoho Writer?

To protect users' documents from unauthorized access, we use password authentication as the security mechanism. However, we have SSL basedlogin authentication in our roadmap.Once Zoho Writer is out of beta, we are planning to offer encrypted document storage for paid subscribers. Thus,only the original owner of the document can decrypt it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 2.How much storage space does Zoho Writer offer? 

As of now, we offer unlimited storage space to Zoho Writer users. However, we plan to limit this to 1 GB once we go out of beta.


 3. What if one fine day I lose all my documents? How does Zoho Writer manage & backup data?

Do not worry. We strictly follow standard security guidelines at our data center and monitor our servers regularly.Regarding data management & backup, we at Zoho Writer replicate each document, so that even if one copy is lost, there is another live copy.We also backup data daily. So in the worst case scenario where we lose both copies due to some unforeseen circumstances, there is a daily backup from which we can restore.


 4.How do I delete a document in Zoho Writer? 

For deleting a document in Zoho Writer please do the following:

Note: Even if user deletes any document from "My Documents" will not be removed permenantly from Zoho Writer, it is just moved to "Trash" folder located at the bottom of left panel.You can either remove the document from there or restore the same from trash.


 5.I have accidentally deleted a document from the folder. How do I restore it? 

Do not worry. It is exactly for this reason Zoho Writer does not delete a document at the first instance. In fact, you get a message "Document Trashed" after the delete operation. You can restore the document to its original folder by selecting it from the trash folder and clicking on the "Restore" link.


 Import, Export

 1. What are the formats supported by Zoho Writer when exporting documents?  

You can export the documents from Zoho Writer to the following formats:


 2. Does Zoho Writer provide support for ODT & RTF documents? 

Yes, We do support for direct conversion from and to ODT & RTF documents. You can import, edit and export the documents in both the formats.                                                                                                                                                                          

 3. How about PDF support? 

Zoho Writer supports export of documents in PDF format. However, support for importing PDF files into Zoho Writer is not available as of now.


 4. When I export a doc from Zoho Writer I do not get any prompt, where does it gets saved?

This may be due to the default settings in your browser as a result of which the file is getting downloaded to the default location in your local drive without any prompt.

To get the prompt everytime you export a document from Zoho Writer, please do the following:


Microsoft Internet Explorer



 5. My document opens in a new window when I try to export it in IE, what is wrong?  

This happens due to security settings in Internet Explorer. Please do the following steps to download the document to your local drive:

After changing the settings try exporting the document in IE. If the problem still persists contact "".


 6.  Can I import zipped Google Docs file ? 

In Writer, only zipped html format supported as of now. We do have this feature (MS Word & Open Office zip import) in our road-map and will be providing it sometime in future.


7. Can I import documents from my Google account?

Yes, it is possible to import documents from google account. Please follow the below steps to do so.

1.     Access 'Import Google Document' option by clicking on 'Import' icon or by accessing through 'File  ---- import ' menu.

2.     If you are doing it first time, you will be asked to authenticate to access your google documents. Hence click on 'Authenticate' button to proceed further.

3.     In the followup window, click on 'Grant access' to allow access to your documents.

4.     Once you grant access, you can see list of google documents pertained to your account.

5.     Select any document and import the same into Zoho Writer.


 Publishing, Sharing & Collaborating
 1. How do I publish a document in Zoho Writer? 

You can publish a document in Zoho Writer by clicking on the 'Publish' option available under Share tab.Click on Publish--- 'Make Public', your document will be published. Now the published document can be viewed by anyone who knows the address in 'Read Only' mode. To revert back to private mode, you can click on 'Cancel Public Sharing' from the Publish link.


 2. How do I share my document with few people in Zoho Writer? 

For sharing documents among few of your friends/colleagues, please do the following:

Note: You can also cancel sharing access to specific email addresses afterwards by clicking on the 'Cancel Sharing' link present to the right of each email address in the pop-up layer.


 3. I shared a doc with my friend with Read/Write access. But it is turning up as Read Only. Why?

The 'Read/Write' access gets set as 'Read Only' when the members you invite to share documents don't have Zoho Writer accounts. This we do for security reasons. Once the invited members sign up, we automatically turn this to 'Read/Write'.


 4. How do I lock my shared document for editing after sharing it in 'Read/Write' mode?

A shared document can be locked for editing, provided that it is not being edited by any of the existing shared users. This can be done by clicking on the Lock icon () located next to DigiSign button under 'Share' Tab.Once it is locked you will have exclusive editing access to the document.

If there are multiple participants editing the document at the same instant (collaborative editing mode), it can be edited in blocks though in a constrained environment.


 5. What all can one do with the document once I have shared it with them? 

The participants can view or edit the document that is being shared to them depending on the sharing access (Read Only or Read/Write). However, only the owner of the shared document has the privilege to cancel sharing access of different participants.

Now Sharing of document is improvised with Co-owner feature in Zoho writer.If user is shared with Co Owner permission, then he is entitled to have permissions like further Sharing and emailing them to other users. 


6. Where do I see the list of shared users details of document?

Under the 'My Documents' on the left-hand panel, a shared icon is placed to the right of each document that is shared by you. Place a mouse-cursor over the shared icon to get the tool-tip. The tool-tip shows the list of users to whom the document has been shared.

Alternatively, you can also find the shared users details by doing the following steps:

    Open the relevant document.
    Access 'Shared Details' option available under 'Share' tab.
    Shared details tab gives information about shared users with the type of their permission.


  1.Does Zoho Writer allow me to post my document to blog sites?

Yes, you can use Zoho Writer for making blog posts. Currently, we support Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal, TypePad blog services and other custom blogs that support metaWeblog and Blogger API.

Please Note: Contents can be posted to Blogs using HTTPS mode only.


 2. How do I post a blog from Zoho Writer?

For posting blogs hosted by,, please do the following steps:

For posting to your custom blog hosted in your own server please do the following steps:


On successful completion of a blog post, the results are tracked for updation. The url of the new blog entry can be viewed in UI with an option to update particular entry when new version of document has been saved.

Please Note: Contents can be posted to Blogs using HTTPS mode only.



 1.Are there any keyboard shortcuts that I can use while working in Zoho Writer?

Yes, there are. The list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Zoho Writer is mentioned below:


    * Ctrl + O          -  To open Sidebar or left panel 
    * Ctrl + A          -  To Select all  
    * Ctrl + S          - Save
    * Ctrl + Shift + S   - Save As
    * Ctrl + X          - Cut
    * Ctrl + C          - Copy
    * Ctrl + V          - Paste
    * Ctrl + F          - Find & Replace
    * Ctrl + B          - Bold Text
    * Ctrl + I           - Italicize Text
    * Ctrl + U          - Underline Text
    * Ctrl + ,(Comma)- Subscript
    * Ctrl + .(dot)    - Superscript
    * Ctrl + L          - Justify Left
    * Ctrl + E          - Justify Center
    * Ctrl + R          - Justify Right
    * Ctrl + J           - Justify Full
    * Ctrl + Z          - Undo
    * Ctrl + Y          - Redo
    * Ctrl + K          - Add Link
    * Ctrl + Home     - Top of the Document
    * Shift + Enter    - Carriage Return
    * Ctrl + End        - End of the Document
    * Home key        - Go to the end of line
    * Shift + Home   - Highlight text from beginning of line to cursor
    * Shift + End      - Highlight text from cursor to the end of line
    * Ctrl + Return    - Page Break
    * Ctrl + Shift + C - Comment
    * Shift + F7        - Thesaurus

For more information about Shortcut keys used in Writer, please visit the following URL


 2. How about Multilingual Support (writing documents in different languages) in Zoho Writer?

Yes, we support writing documents in Zoho Writer in different languages. Now users can create their documents in Zoho Writer in their own native language. However, support for RTL (Right to Left) Languages like Hebrew, Arabic is not available in Zoho Writer as of now. We have added the RTL Language support feature to our roadmap and will be providing them in one of our future updates.


 3.   I can't create or edit documents on my iPhone, the keyboard doesn't show up when opening iZoho on iPhone. What's the problem?

It is an issue with the iPhone as the safari browser doesn't seem to recognize the rich text editor area and hence the keyboard isn't appearing. This is not an iZoho specific problem as all the applications that use a WYSIWYG editor face the same issue. We hope that Apple will address this issue soon and come up with the next version of iPhone's Safari that supports rich text editing. As a workaround, we may give a plain text editor for users to edit/create their documents if this isn't corrected in Safari's next version.


 4.  Can I use Zoho Writer on Mac, Vista, Linux (all flavours) & other OSes?

As Zoho services work on a web browser, they are OS independent and should work on all operating systems including Mac & Vista. Please do remember that zoho writer works best on Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 6,7 browser versions. So you can use any of the above browsers in any OS for accessing zoho writer.


 5.  How about accessing Zoho Writer on Web TV?

We have not tested Zoho Writer on Web TV/MSNTV2 and hence do not provide support for web tv as of now. Some of the features of zoho writer may not work properly on web tv. Sorry about that. Currently you can use a desktop PC or a notebook/laptop for accessing zoho writer.


 6.Do you have any plugin for Zoho writer document to be edited and saved directly from Microsoft Word ?

Yes, we do. If you have installed Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office you can directly  edit and save writer document. Kindly visit this following link for further information about Zoho plugin and for download.

Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office


    7. Does Zoho Writer have Mail Merge facility ?

Yes it has. In order to use Mail Merge feature, kindly do the following steps.

        1. Open the document which has to be mail merged.

        2. Click on 'Mailings' tab followed by choosing 'Select Data Source' option to insert CSV file format as datasource.

        3. Click on 'Insert Merge Fields' option to include custom as well as fields listed from chosen CSV file and insert it inside your document at  

            desired place.

        4. Click on 'Email Merged Document' option from 'Finish and Merge' tab , then Select Email id from the list of fields displayed from CSV file,  

            type in details of Subject of your Mail merged document.

        5. Finally Click on 'Finish' Button to complete the process.

        6. Document will be mail merged.

Please Note: Mail Merge has per-day limit of 500 emails for Individual users. And there are no restrictions for Business Users.